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Hi, I’m Tony Arevalo, I’ve worked for years as an insurance agent. Through my experience I’ve realized the difficultness and hesitations clients have in making a decision on the best car insurance for them. My team and I have taken the time to do in depth research on top Auto Insurance Companies available in the Market, so you don’t have to.

Our goal is to find the right company for you and make it simple and easy to get connected with them. You can rest assured that you’ll be able to choose a quality insurance provider.

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The Evaluation Method We Used to Determine These Scores

There are many factors that go into determining which is the best insurance provider. We categorized and prioritized them based on the following:

Each companies rank is based on scores from these categories:

-We generated quotes from each carrier on the list of car insurance companies and used a ratio of the price to the national average cost in order to score the company.

-National Association of Insurance Commissioners: NAIC consumer complaint ratio

J.D. Power’s Customer Claims Satisfaction Score: this score is based on over 11,000 customer surveys on these companies’ claims processes.

J.D. Power’s Insurance Shopping Study Score: this score is based on a survey of over 15,000 recent purchasers of insurance with categories that include policy offerings, the insurer’s website, call center representatives, etc.

The Best Car Insurance Companies of 2019

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1. Amica – Customized Policies Based on Your Budget and Coverage Needs

Based in Lincoln, Rhode Island, Amica is one of the oldest car insurance companies in the US. Unlike other insurance companies, this company isn’t owned by businessmen. Instead, it’s a mutual company—the owners are customers who chose to purchase a dividend policy.  

Although Amica is not one of the biggest car insurance companies around, they are certainly the highest consumer rated, based on our research. They offer policies that you can fully customize according to your budget and coverage needs. Amica car insurance policyholders are entitled to a myriad of additional features at no extra cost.

Who is Amica best for?

Amica is best for people who are looking for one company that can provide all their insurance needs and offer various opportunities for them to save money. Amica is also an excellent choice for those who are looking to purchase dividend policies that can provide financial returns in the long run.

  • Fully customizable car insurance policy based on your budget and desired coverage
  • Discounts available for those who sign up and pay online
  • Highest-ranking company in overall customer satisfaction in the J.D. Power 2017 US Auto Claims Satisfaction Study
  • Getting an official quote can be tiresome it takes more time than average to go through the online quoting process
  • Lacks some crucial driver discounts
  • Lacks online resources offering information about their products, requiring customers to call an Amica agent if they have policy questions

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2. Erie Insurance – The Best Car Insurance Company in the Mid-Atlantic

Erie Insurance is another company that’s highly rated for their excellent coverage options. They offer excellent rates, a wide variety of coverage options to choose from, and top-notch customer service. Erie Insurance offers a ton of extras with their auto policy. Some are built in, which means you won’t have to pay an additional fee to take advantage of them. Meanwhile, others can be added on to your coverage for a minimal fee.

What sets this company apart from the others is the fact that all transactions—including claims—go through their agents. This means you’ll only be dealing with one person from the moment you request a quote up until you need to make a claim. No more having to repeat yourself over and over, because only one person will be handling your account.

The best thing about getting a car insurance policy from this company is the ERIE Rate Lock feature. This feature guarantees policyholders will be protected from hikes in their car insurance rates when they renew their policy, year after year. In short, they’ll pay the same premium they were first quoted, even if it’s already their fifth year in, as long as they didn’t add any additional policy features.

Who is Erie best for?

Erie is best for people who want a more personalized service since all transactions are handled by an agent. You won’t have to call a hotline and get transferred from one department to another if you have a concern that needs to be addressed. All you need to do is to get in touch with your agent, and they will take care of everything for you

This company is the best car insurance for those who don’t expect to change their vehicles or drivers for the next couple of years because they’ll be able to take advantage of the ERIE Rate Lock.

  • ERIE Rate Lock®
  • Competitive rates
  • Offers discounted rates of up to 30%, depending on your state
  • Limited coverage area
  • No option to apply for or manage your policy online

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3. Auto-Owners Insurance – Award-Winning Claims Experience

Auto-Owners Insurance is a Fortune 500 company that was founded in 1916 in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, but relocated to Lansing in 1917. This company has won numerous awards over the years, including the J.D. Power and Associates Highest in Customer Satisfaction with the Claims Experience Award for three consecutive years from 2008 to 2010. To this day, Auto-Owners Insurance is still considered one of the top car insurance companies in the US based on their stellar customer service, quick and easy claims process, and affordable car insurance premiums.

Like Erie Insurance, all transactions done with Auto-Owners are sent through their agents. Many consider this a plus point because the person they’ll be dealing with is familiar with their account. However, those who are more comfortable with handling their policies online may not be too happy that they have to call their insurance agent each time they need to change something in their account.

This company aims to pay what they owe in the quickest possible time, which is why they have a 24-hour claims hotline you can call anytime to follow up on your claim. They also have an online portal where you can check the status of your claim anytime.

Who is Auto-Owners best for?

Auto-Owners is the best car insurance for those who like to build long-term personal relationships with their insurance agents. It’s also good for people who aren’t risk takers when it comes to trying out new insurance companies, as Auto-Owners has been around for a very long time and is considered one of the most stable insurance companies in the US.

  • Affordable rates
  • Offers various discounts
  • Personalized service
  • Has seven disaster teams around the country who are ready to help policyholders in the event of a catastrophic natural disaster
  • Only available in 26 states
  • It is impossible to get a quote online; you need to call an agent to get one

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Best Car Insurance for Millenials

1. Geico Insurance – Affordable Rates with a Feature-Packed Mobile App

Geico is the best car insurance company to get a policy from if you’re looking for one that offers affordability and accessibility altogether. In this day and age, one of the things that millennials look for when they are trying to decide on a particular service is accessibility. This means they will most likely go with the company that offers the most convenience, as in accessibility through the internet. Geico meets these criteria to a T.    

Geico’s website is one of the best around. Through the site, you can request a quote through their free car insurance estimator, make adjustments, pay for your policy, file a claim, etc. They even have a dedicated portal for policyholders. Meanwhile, their mobile app is unbeatable. It is jam-packed with features, such as a payment portal and access to almost all your account details—which means you can take care of your car insurance issues even when you’re on the go.

Who is Geico best for?

Geico is perfect for individuals looking for a company that can provide them with affordable rates and easy online access. It is also one of the best car insurance options for those who are over 50 because of their Prime Time Contract feature.

This feature is especially designed for those who are over 50 years old and may have trouble renewing with their previous insurance company because they’re considered high-risk due to multiple traffic tickets. With Prime Time Contract, these individuals can continue to renew their policy as long as they stay with Geico.

  • Affordable rates
  • Ease of accessibility through their mobile app
  • Prime Time Contract feature
  • Offers a multitude of discounts
  • Young drivers with a record of past vehicular accidents may have a higher premium
  • All transactions will have to be done online or through their 24-hour hotline

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2. Progressive – Average Rates with Opportunities to Lower Your Premium Further

What sets Progressive apart is their ability to offer very affordable prices to drivers with a record of past accidents. Progressive is probably the best company to purchase a policy from if you have a record of past accidents and can’t afford to pay a high premium. Compared to what their competitors offer drivers in this predicament, Progressive’s auto insurance rate is significantly lower.

Another thing that makes Progressive stand out is their Snapshot program. This program gives drivers the opportunity to lower their premiums if they exhibit safe driving habits. The policyholder’s driving behavior will be monitored through a device that can be plugged into your car’s diagnostic port. You can also just download the mobile app to your smartphone, and it can monitor your driving habits.

Progressive Insurance has been given an A+ grade by A.M. Best Rating Services. This means the company is in great financial health and policyholders need not worry about the company going bankrupt. 

Who is Progressive best for?

Progressive is the best car insurance for drivers who have a history of being involved in a car accident. While most insurance companies will quote these types of drivers with high premiums, Progressive is a little more forgiving. Based on our research, their quotes are over 40% lower than the average quote of all companies reviewed.

  • Great for drivers with a history of being involved in a car accident
  • Snapshot program
  • Offers comprehensive policies and discounts
  • Average ratings in customer service
  • Average ratings in claims process

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Best for Auto Insurance Retirees

The Hartford AARP® Auto Insurance Program

Hartford is one of the very few insurance companies in the US to offer a policy program that is especially tailored to drivers over 50 and retirees. There are a few qualifications an individual needs to meet before he or she can be part of the AARP insurance program. Here is the list of criteria you need to meet in order to qualify for the program:

  • Must be 50 years old and above
  • A valid driver’s license in the state where you live
  • The vehicle registration for the car or cars you drive
Discounts Offered

If you’re one to compare car insurance rates, don’t forget to count the discounts. Hartford offers various discounts car owners can take advantage of, such as Safe Vehicle and Driver Training discounts. If your car is equipped with anti-theft devices and an airbag, you will be entitled to the Safe Vehicle discount. If you drive a hybrid or an electric vehicle, you can take advantage of their Vehicle Fuel Type discount too.

  • Offers lifetime renewal eligibility
  • One-year lock-in on your low premium
  • High customer service rating
  • Limited to AARP members over 50 years old
  • Complaint ratio higher than average

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Best for Military Servicemen


USAA Auto Insurance Logo

If you are member of the military or if your spouse is or was, USAA is the best car insurance company for you. This company is one of the three highest-rated insurance companies in the US. However, you need to be a USAA member before you can take advantage of their exemplary products and services.
To become a USAA member, you must be any one of the following:

  • An active military member
  • A retired military member
  • A widow, widower, or child of a USAA member
  • A cadet or midshipman
Discounts Offered

USAA’s discount offerings are the same as you would get from other insurance companies. You can take advantage of their multi-policy discounts, anti-theft equipment discounts, multi-vehicle discounts, and more. You may also qualify for additional discounts if you are proven to be a safe driver or have taken a defensive driving course.

  • Offers excellent car insurance prices, especially for young drivers.
  • Additional discounts and VIP services are available for members on active duty
  • Only available for individuals who are qualified to become USAA members

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Best for Car Insurance for Customer Service

State Farm

State Farm is the biggest car insurance company in the US. While they are not known to offer the most affordable rates, they have some of the highest ratings when it comes to their customer service. They have thousands of agents around the country and are always ready to cater to the needs of their policyholders, as well as to those who are shopping around. So while they may not be the cheapest auto insurance company, the personalized customer service they provide all of their customers more than makes up for it.

State Farm has been given an A++ rating by A.M. Best for their financial stability. This is the highest rating an insurance company can receive from A.M. Best. Policyholders can be assured that they will receive their payout once their claim is approved.

Who is State Farm best for?

State Farm is one of the best car insurance companies for people looking for one that can provide them with excellent customer service. Since the company offers a wide range of insurance products, it’s also best for those who have different needs but would prefer to stick to one company. However, it’s important to note that State Farm’s rates are a little more expensive than its competitors.

  • Excellent customer service
  • Offers multiple lines of insurance coverage
  • Rates are higher than other insurance companies
  • Discounts are subject to approval

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Other Companies Worth Looking Into

1. Esurance

Esurance does not always look good on paper. However, if you take a closer look at what the company can offer, you’ll see that they’re definitely worth considering if you’re looking for the best auto insurance company to get a policy from.

While they don’t exactly offer rock-bottom prices for their insurance policies, you have the opportunity to lower your premium with their excellent discounts. They have almost every type of discount offered by most companies, and then some. Some of the discounts that are exclusive to Esurance are the following:

  • Switch & Save: You have to be insured by another company at the time you purchase your policy from Esurance to qualify for this discount. The discount entitles you to 5% off of your Esurance policy up until your second year of renewal.
  • Fast 5: This is the easiest discount program to qualify for. All you need to do is request your auto insurance quote online, and you’ll automatically get a 5% discount on your policy’s premium. However, you can only take advantage of this discount once. The discount will go away when you renew your coverage.
  • Pac-12 Discount: This discount program is only available for students and alumni of Pac-12 schools who are living in Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and Utah. If you qualify for this program, you will be entitled to up to a 15% percent discount on your policy.
Who is Esurance best For?

Esurance is one of the best car insurance companies for those who want to manage their policies though a mobile app. It is also best for those looking to make a switch and are shopping around for an insurance company that can give them the best rates.

  • Offers excellent discount programs
  • A+ A.M. Best rating
  • Very useful mobile app
  • No in-person customer service
  • Their basic rates are a little higher than competitors

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2. Liberty Mutual

Based on the data from 2017, Liberty Mutual is the sixth largest auto insurance company in the US. This company is an excellent choice if you are looking for an insurance company that has features like accident forgiveness. Should you encounter an accident, this company is connected to a network of auto repair shops. All you need to do is bring your car to any one of these sites, and you get a lifetime repair guarantee.

It is very easy to get in touch with Liberty Mutual. They have a comprehensive website, a very useful app, and local agents who are always ready to help.

Who is Liberty Mutual best For?

Liberty Mutual car insurance is best for people who are interested in bundling their car insurance with their other coverage needs, like home, renters, or condo. Through Liberty Mutual’s bundles, they will be able to enjoy significant savings.

Liberty is also suitable for those who like to handle their policies on their own through online tools.

  • Transparent rates and discounts
  • Fully functional online portal
  • Great mobile app
  • Rates are on par with competitors
  • Almost all transactions will have to be done through their online portal

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3. Allstate

Allstate Car Insurance Logo

Based on our research, Allstate offers various discounts and features with their policies. However, they aren’t very popular among those shopping for affordable car insurance simply because their rates are higher than the best rated car insurance companies in the US. Why, then, did we include this company on our list?

First of all, Allstate is the third largest insurance company in the US, and it is rated as A+ by A.M. Best for financial stability. Next, it is J.D. Power rated for overall satisfaction in 2017. Last, they offer excellent discounts and features with their policies.

Who is Allstate best for?

Allstate is one of the best companies for people who prefer a personal service and don’t mind paying a premium for it.

  • Personalized customer service through local agents
  • Great discounts
  • Rates are very high
  • No option to maintain your account online or through a mobile app

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4. AAA Auto Insurance

To take advantage of AAA’s affordable car insurance offerings, you will first need to be a member of the AAA Auto Club. The club is a federation of automotive clubs all around the US. They offer numerous benefits to their members, including roadside assistance and various discounts, not to mention their very affordable policies.

First, though, you have to become a AAA member, which is something to keep in mind when you’re shopping around and comparing car insurance prices. You can start the process by visiting their website and entering your ZIP code. You will then be directed to the local club in your area, where you’ll be able to choose what type of membership you’d like to sign up for.

AAA memberships come in three tiers: Classic, AAA Plus, and AAA Premier. They’re priced differently and come with different sets of benefits. If you’re wondering if becoming a member is worth it, the simple answer is yes, it definitely is! The federation also has tie ups with various insurance companies all over the country, and members can take advantage of lower premiums, which are exclusive to AAA members.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that rates and discounts vary by state.